Welcome to the Philosophic Lodge of Research

plrfrontpagefrontpage.jpgWhile we are a proud member of the Connecticut Masonic community, we differ somewhat from most other Lodges in the state.

Research Lodges in Connecticut do not initiate candidates. The mission statement for Research Lodges is: "...to encourage and conduct Masonic Research and study by its members, hold discussions, gather and preserve Masonic information, maintain a library,  supply papers or speakers at the request of other Lodges when convenient, and conduct a program of general service to the Craft in the field of Masonic education and information...." For seventy years, the Philosophic Lodge of Research has been committed to these great aims.

Any Master Mason in good standing in the Grand Jurisdiction of Connecticut, or any Grand Jurisdiction recognized by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the State of Connecticut A.F.& A.M is eligible for membership. Quite a number of presentations given at the Lodge are open to a wider audience, and information about such events will be made available here as they are scheduled.

As Connecticut Freemasons, we are committed to Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth; with an emphasis on discovering and sharing the truth about our Fraternity. We welcome our Brothers to peruse this site, and visit our Stated Communications to learn more about our efforts and perhaps join us in our endeavors.

Masonic Lodge of Research

lamp glowMasonic Lodge of Research, also provides valuable resources for those who wish to understand the meaning, symbolism and history of Freemasonry. Their offerings tend to cover the Southern half of the State, but their presentations and lectures are in such demand they often come to the Philosophic Lodge, Wyllys-St.John's 4, Solar  Lodge and others in the Hartford or Watrerbury area.